Gacia technical center was established in 2005, which has design department and standardization department with 71 staffs including 5 Senior Engineers, 18 Middle engineers. Since the establishment of technical center in 2005, Gacia continuously invests over 10 million Yuan in increasing research & development equipment, facilities, personnel. Its equipments are at a high level in the same industry.

Organization construction of Technical Center can directly determine creative ability of enterprise, but enterprise innovation is the engine of enterprise development. Main task of technical center is to develop new products, make products and process standard, apply new technology, new process and new material, and do analysis and test of products quality, which boosts the continuous and fast development of low voltage electrical appliance industry.  At the beginning, with the aim to serve the enterprise production, satisfy market requirement, and develop recyclable economy, technical center uses its advantages adequately and combines products requirement of customers. Through continuous development and application of new products, it promotes enterprise technology progress and brings technical support for company.

About the staffs, on the one hand, technical center cultivates technicians through cooperation with universities and cultivating professional technical personnel, and development and research of important science program, on the other hand, technical center regularly invites famous college professors to give lecture and do technical communication, do training for technicians.

Gacia technical center is a excellent team with strong r&d abilities. Currently, Gacia has 74 effective patents including 3 invention patents, 36 new practical patents, 35 design patents, and many patents are in the process. Technical center has been rated as “Province High-tech Enterprise Study Research Center”, Technical Center of Zhejiang Middle and Small enterprises”, “province industrial design center”, “province patent demonstration enterprise”.
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