• Product Overview
  • PN8N MCB has the General
    PN8N mini circuit breaker is used for  protection against overload and short circuit in the circuit of 50/60Hz, rated voltage 230V, rated current up to 40A, It also can be used for non-frequent on-and-off switching operation under normal circumstance.
    PN8N MCB has the following functions
    Short-circuit protection
    Overload protection
    Isolation function
    Close quickly
    Indication function of contact position
    Support 35mm Din - rail installation
    Support top incoming and bottom outgoing wiring type, or bottom incoming and top outgoing wiring type.
    Able to select electrical accessories and achieve distant indication of MCB condition: breaking, closed, and fault tripping.
    Able to select electrical accessories and realize under-voltage and over-voltage protection of MCB and distant shunt release

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