• Product Overview
  • PL8HM RCBO has the General
    PL8HM RCBO is a kind of protective device against residual current, short circuit, overload,  is suitable to the AC circuit of 50/60Hz, rated voltage 230V, rated current upto 40A, it is mainly used to protect human safety from electrical shock and prevent fire disaster caused by residual current due to damaged equipment, It also can be used in the infrequent on-and-off switching operation under the normal case. This circuit breaker is mainly applied to industry, mine, building, household, hotel and other similar locations.
    PL8HM RCBO has the following functions
    Overload protection
    Close quickly
    Quick wiring function of busbar
    Leakage protection(A type, AC type)
    Electromagetic type
    Short-circuit protection
    Isolation function
    Indication function of contact position
    Support 35mm Din-rail installation
    From the handle, distinguish what kind of fault in the circuit.
    Able to select electrical  accessories and  achieve dista nt indication  of RCBO condition:  brea king, closed, and fa ult tripping

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